Tuesday, September 09, 2008


After receiving e-mails and messages from so many people wondering if I am alive, I finally decided that it was time for me to come back. Sorry it took so long but I have been busy settling in, working 10 hours per day, getting used to "Indian time", "Indian food", "Indian bureaucracy", "Indian people", "Indian taxis", "Indian rickshaws"... let´s say that I have been busy getting used to India. And believe me this country is a challenge!

"The mystic vision of elephants, tigers, and the Taj Mahal" was replaced by trips to the hospital, stomach problems, strong diarrheas and so on. India, either you love or hate it! I am still trying to figure out in which category I am.

In 4(almost 5) months that I have been living here, my level of motivation has been going up and down many times. I know I am painting a dark picture of my experience. However, I cannot complain about it either... Do not feel sorry for me! I go to fancy restaurants, well-known discos, expensive shops... I do things and go to places I could never afford back home.

Though I still think it is hard because to be in India you need to be patient, very patient! Nothing is easy and everything takes time. I guess it is part of its charm! May be it is why they call it "Incredible India". But the hardest is that I am far away from those I love! I miss my friends, my family, i.e., that place I call "home" because even if they say India is "Incredible", I do not think I will ever call it home...

Still, I don't regret my choice because I am experiencing the other India that I would never know if I were only traveling. Plus, I may not agree with the "Incredible India" branding though, it is true that I met here some incredible people!



  1. Hummm plo que contas a Índia é o "Portugal" da Ásia! Beijos grandes e boa sorte na aventura!

  2. oh... anda mas é embora!!!!!
    Tenho saudades! Tenho novidades! Tenho ups & downs para te contar! Tenho vontade de ir contigo ao piolho dar à trela com a cervejinha e os tremoços! Até a Dona Conceição tem saudades tuas!!! Da última vez que lá fui na esperança de trautear um fado poliglota, o boteko estava fechado... acho que foi por estares longe...
    beijos saudosos!


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