Thursday, July 30, 2009


Finally, I am posting my pictures of Thailand! Amazing country!


I stayed several days in Bangkok. I really liked it. Culturally speaking, there are amazing things to see! I liked the way Bangkok is clean, cosmopolitan and it is just so easy to go around because you have all kind of transportation you want: bus (with and without AC), sky train, boat, taxi, tuk-tuk, metro. And people are really nice, although I had the hardest time to understand their accent!

The main attraction is the Grand Palace complex. It is just amazing and wonderful! Here are some pictures...

FYI - To enter the Grand Palace Complex and any temple in Thailand, one has to be "properly" dressed, which means no mini skirt, no shorts, no sleeveless t-shirts. If the staff considers your clothes inappropriate, you will have to borrow long "skirts" and wrap around you. They will also provide long sleeves shirts. I don't know what happened to this family! I am still wondering whether they trying to look like locals (although I haven't seen Thais wearing this kind of "colorful" clothes)or if the employees were trying to make fun of them! Love the dragon trousers of the dad! :)

The Wat Pho - Temple of the Reclining Buddha

The food

The food in Thailand was so different that it deserves to be enhanced! You can find anything and everything...reallyyyy!!!!

Fish and prawns drying on the side of the street

Fried meat and sausages, even pork!!!

All kind of delicious (but strange) fruit

Insects.. alive or already fried, as you wish!

Street food

While in Thailand I never went to a restaurant. I was too busy trying as much street food as possible! And no stomach problems, amazing!

My favorites...

Banana Roll.. yummiiiii!!!

All kind and sizes of sausages

And.... the famous sticky rice with banana!!! LOVE IT!!!

Strange street food

Those small round white things had bamboo and spinach inside... not very tasty.

The winner of the "strange street food" category is....

The Black Jelly

It is made of Chinese herbs, served with brown sugar and ice! I tried. It doesn't really taste bad. It actually doesn't really taste anything...

North of Thailand

I went to the North of Thailand... Chiang Mae. Unfortunately it was raining so much that I couldn't take many pictures.

I did a 2 days trekking with a group of 8 people. A French couple, a German couple, 2 Dutch students and a German lady (everybody was happy to know she was a doctor... just in case). Really nice people. After a 3 hours trek up the hill with a 45 years old local guide who would climb 5 times faster than us. He was enjoying making fun of European "couch potatoes" like us who could not follow him although we were wearing branded trekking shoes and all sort of "high tech" equipment. It is important to stress that he was wearing simple flip-flops and taking smoke breaks while waiting for us!
We slept at a village and played cards all night long, drinking bears around a fire that the locals prepared for us. The next morning, going down hill was another adventure since it had been raining the all night. It was very slippery and one of Dutch students who was wearing cotton snickers fell down at least 10 times. It was not fun at all. If she had hurt herself really bad, I don't know how we would have done t bring her down the hill in such conditions.

Finally, after the trek to the water fall, it was fun time. We had a quick crash course for our white waters rafting. They explained us the basic things we would have to do: "to the left/right", "go down", "forward", "backward", "on the job"... The only thing they didn't explain was what to do if we actually fall down.. and when we asked they said: "you not fall". Humm... nobody fell so cool! It was really amazing! It was tricky to understand their English. Once, the guy leading our raft said something like "get out". Our reaction was: "WHAT????". He had said... "get down". We laughed for at least 5 minutes.

After that we went bamboo rafting. What a crap! After white waters rafting, it is a piece of cake. The elephant riding wasn't nice either. We were actually just siting on a chair and walking for 10 minutes. I could have done the same in Jaipur. Really not that nice.
I wish I had more time. In the north of Thailand you can stay in Elephant centers and learn how to take care of the animal. You learn how to feed him and ride him. It seems really nice. May be next time...

The Thai jungle is just "WOW"! Here are the few pictures I have...

The last BUT NOT THE LEAST....

The South of Thailand: The Islands of Ko Tao and Ko Pha Ngan

I think I don't need to say anything. The pictures will speak for themselves! Paradise!

Here is where I used to spend the end of my afternoons...

while waiting for this....

Not bad, hein?? :)


  1. ola amiga.
    bem, que inveja. principalmente destas últimas fotos...
    ia perguntar se está tudo bem contigo mas acho que nem vale a pena. Só para te mandar um beijinho grande e perguntar quando é que voltas a Portugal para irmos beber um fininho na Torreira. Não é bem a Tailândia mas também é bonito. Beijo grande

  2. Mon chou ... trop genial tes photos ... je n'ai qu'une seule envie retourner en Asie ... Aye Aye Saudades ....
    Beijo grnde Amor ;p


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