Tuesday, July 28, 2009

June and July... months of chaos! Good that it is almost over!

Well, the months of June and July have been a total chaos! Not easy at all. Of course, my trip to Thailand was nice (I will upload the pics) but always shadowed by the issues going on in Gurgaon/Delhi...

So, here is a very quick update of what has been going on...

- 2 Indians girls moved into my apartment at Shushant Lock (The one with the Zebra sofas) and were/are sharing one of the rooms. Unfortunately those were not really that open-minded and cool. So we had an old "auntie" (that is how you call the old ladies in India. Men are "uncles". Don't ask why, I don't know... may the Indian need to have family everywhere) for 3 weeks annoying us about the fact that we had a boy (uhhhhhh) living with us.

- We had several problems of water and electricity at Sushant Loco... so no AC in an Indian summer is FUCKING problematic. Think about how much one can sweat when it is 45ºC outside and 55ºC inside!

- Rui left us! He is now back in my beautiful Portugal! With who am I going to speak Portuguese now?

- My last day at Evalueserve was really not easy. And they left the very last surprise to the end... no pay and only by sorting things out with the COO, Ashish Gupta (who by the way is not aware of how things work in his company) I finally got my salary the next day... even if the wrong amount (Basically Rs8000 less than what I expected)! Of course finance people are very clever in EVS! - one or two weeks later they sent me about Rs. 3000 implying they were wrong (but of course no apologies) and no explanation of how things were calculated. Future ex-employees of Evalueserve and future EVS employees... Be aware!!!!

- Then Juliane left... She is now back to Germany. Who am I going to speak with when I have a gossip?

- Finding a house in Delhi took me 3 weekends. I had to answer more questions in those days than I ever did in my entire life! And that includes personal questions such as "How much do you earn?", "What do your parents say that you have an Indian boyfriend?", "So you like Indian men?", "How much does your mother earn?". Of course, I had in my head perfect and polite answers like: "Fuck you, you fucking dirty old and ignorant bastard" that I preferred to keep for myself.

- I finally found a nice house. So moving everything is really not the dream activity for a weekend...

- When I had moved in, my landlord decided to be nosy. "Who is this boy that comes with you? There is a rule in society.. if you are single, you have to live alone". Well, I wonder if he has the book where that is written. In my book it says: "None of your fucking business". Other nice questions were: "At what time did you come yesterday evening?" and "At what time did you leave this morning?". I will publish my book and give it to him!

- I decided to move out of the house to avoid the old disgusting "uncle" whom I don't trust at all.

So now.. I am moving back to Gurgaon and will be living with Catherine whom I met when I was in Evalueserve. next step... finding a way to go from Gurgaon to Delhi on a daily basis... Carpooling could be the answer! Let's see if I am lucky!

And after that, I will just enjoy an easy life...


  1. Olá natércia, sou uma leitora recente do teu blogue e não consegui deixar de me lembrar das minhas experiências turísticas na Índia. Não são só os senhorios k gostam de fazer um interrogatório completo, até parecem saídos da polícia secreta. Mm nas viagens de avião, no mercado e afins fui "submetida" à tortura das bisbilhotices dos "uncles and aunties", pior ainda pk ia c o namorado indiano. E sim, fomos submetidos às perguntas típicas: "são casados?", "qtos filhos kerem ter?", "qto ganham e onde trabalham?", "Ela é de onde?" E por aí fora... Se precisares de ajuda em Deli ou Gurgaon, é só dizeres. Saudações de Lisboa

  2. Ai pois a pergunta chave: "São casados?" e mais engraçado é a cara de espanto quando dizemos não! Obrigada pelo teu comentário! Quanto tempo estiveste na Índia? Natercia

  3. Estive em set 04 durante 3 semanas e agora em março, por 10 dias. Gostei imenso e pretendo ir viver em Gurgaon. O meu namorado vive em Gurgaon, daí eu ter dito k se precisares de alguma ajuda p essas bandas é só dizeres, mm k seja para as mudanças. Já sabes cm é a solidariedade portuguesa. LOL Até kdo vais ficar na Índia? Se não for mta indiscrição minha (não kero k me tomes p uma "aunty")... Karin

  4. Já agora, foste tu k escreveste para o Indiagestão sobre o Pardada Pardadi? Pergunto só por curiosidade, pois já tinha ouvido falar dessa instituição e pareceu-me mto bom o trabalho k desenvolvem. Karin

  5. Vou ficar aqui por mais uns tempos... pelo menos até Dezembro. Depois logo vejo. Quando vieres para Gurgaon, diz-me e vamos beber um café!

    Sim fui eu que escrevi sobre a Pardada Pardadi. Estou a trablhar com eles! Gosot muito da instituição! Se tiveres dicas se blog que possam estar interessados em divulgar esta ONG, diz!

    Abraço! O meu mail é santosnatercia[arroba]yahoo.com! Mais fácil do que trocar comentários! :)


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