Friday, August 21, 2009

Support Pardada Pardadi Educational Society!

Pictures of my first visit to PPGVS

Some of you might not know it yet but I have a new job! Yes, finally I think I found the one job that is close to what I would call a “dream job”.

I am the communication manager of an NGO called Pardada Pardadi Educational Society. Our mission is to empower and uplift girls from rural areas in order to create a new generation of socially and financially independent women.

Currently, over 1000 girls attend Pardada Pardadi Girls Vocational School in Anupshahar (Uttar Pradesh, India). Not only, they learn subjects such as Maths and English, but also and they develop vocational skills in home textile work. The home furnishings produced as part as the student’s vocational training are then sold in order to generate revenues to the school.

I go every month to the village and try to spend at least 1 week with my new friends. After 1.5 years of being in India, I am finally going to learn Hindi. The girls have decided that they should teach me! It is really a great fun to see those little girls having time to enjoy their childhood! You might not believe it but in such villages, it is common to find girls who get married at 14 years old! And still there is a lot of girl child infanticide!

It is quite hard to convince the parents to send their girls to school because they have this idea that a girl doesn’t need education. And even when they value girls’ education, they need their help in the fields. Those people live way under the poverty line. There is no electricity. The familly often shares the same and unique room of the house.

One of the ways to convince the parents is to provide them incentives such as uniforms, books, shoes, three meals a day and bicycles. In addition, PPES came up with this fantastic idea of giving 10 rupees for each day a girl attends school. But the money is not given to the parents or to the girl directly. PPES deposits it in a bank account that students will access upon graduation, after 21 years old or after geting married (after they are 18 years old).

Isn’t it great?! I simply love it!

I remember the first day I went to the PPES school, months before starting to work with Pardada Pardadi. It was so special that few months later, I left my corporate job and became a full-time member of the Pardada Pardadi family!

I knew I wanted to make an impact! I wanted to change lives of hundreds of little girls. Guess what, I am trying hard to make the change happen... but in the meanwhile, it’s Pardada Pardadi who changed my life! For the first time in a long time I can say that I love what I am doing!

My lovely organization is currently participating in the Global Giving Challenge, the internationally recognized online marketplace for charity. Global Giving helps donors to find projects the care about.

In order to win a permanent spot on the website, we need to raise $4000 from at least 50 unique donors. Help us!!! Every donation helps and makes a difference.

Donate and start making an impact!

How to help further:

- Send an e-mail or sms to your friends/family and tell them about us. Ask them to suport us!
- Blog about us and add our widget on your blog/site
- Follow us on Twitter and tweet about about us!
- Don't forget to become Pardada Pardadi's friend on Facebook and send messages to all your friends
- Subscribe to our bi-monthly newsletter on our site and send it to your colleagues and friends
- Add a supportive sentence and our GlobalGiving profile link to your personal and professional e-mail signature. As an example: "I am supporting Pardada Pardadi in the GlobaGiving Challenge"


  1. thats really cool(and good to know u found ur dream job)...

    NOW I dunno if I fully understand what 50 "unique" donors(corporate donations included?) mean or how some1 qualifies to be so,BUT if i can bring about some change to the lives of the needy and uneducated,I be more than happy to help and maybe rope in a few friends too...

    Ironically i was again watching this old movie last night "motorcycle diaries".....which tells us 1 thing....what a waste of a life to lead if leading only for ourselves

    Anyways Gd Luck in getting the permanent spot n Obrigado for all your contributions!


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