Monday, October 26, 2009

Jodphur - जोधपुर

This weekend I finally traveled again... after 3 months of staying home! Now that the weather in India is much cooler, traveling is again on the menu!

I went to Jodhpur, the so called "The blue city". To be honest, I didn't find many treasures. There are beautiful beautiful rajasthani style havelis and many many blue houses. But the fort is very similar to Jaisalmer (just from the outside) and I did not enjoy the pollution and the terrible dust, neither did my fellow travelers, Sachiko and Cibele. It was really bad!

However, I have to say that I found in Jodhpur the cleanest train station: nobody spiting on the floor or against the walls. I also found the less annoying rickshaw drivers: at our arrival, we actually had to go ask for a rickshaw which is strange considering that whenever you arrive at a tran station you usually have 30 or 40 rickshaw drivers asking "Where going ma'am?", "Maam, Hotel name, ma'am?", "You want rickshaw ma'am?". And what I loved the most about the city: there were the nicest and warmest people that I have seen so far in India. They will say hello, will not push you to buy things, will ask for a picture but no "5 rupees".

I stayed in a guest house called "Heaven Guest House". What a cheesy name I first thought. Well, Nisha, the owner of the Guest House actually choose well the name. It is almost like heaven... not the nicest decoration nor the party environment... however, a feeling like home. Really! I felt, for the first time in 1.5 years of traveling in India... no pressure at all to buy anything or eat at the restaurant... and she was actually very sweet. And so was her husband and son.

Well, and now... enough words! Here are some of my pictures. Enjoy!

Some pictures of Jodhpur Fort

The Blue City

Oops... not every thing is Blue!


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