Sunday, March 28, 2010


Yesterday I went to an amazing live concert of "Amália Hoje". Really loved it!

Last year, four (real) Portuguese artists decided to pay tribute to our most famous Fado singer Amália Rodrigues, who died ten year ago, by re-editing some of her famous songs. The results is innovative, surprising and elegant... simply beautiful.  

I had moved to Portugal two years before and was in High School when Amália Rodrigues died. I knew who she was but I only understood how important she was the day she died. I remember newspaper titles announcing Portugal had "lost its soul". Everybody was chocked. Even I was. She was such a legend and legends never die. From old people to young teenagers no matter if they were living in big cities or in small villages in the deep countryside of Portugal... everybody knew and loved Amália Rodigues and her songs. She was the only one able to sing the soul of Portuguese people. That's how important she was for the people of this country.

I am really happy and proud to see young Portuguese singers bringing such a name alive. I'm proud to see such a quality in the Portuguese music scene. 

Here are the videos of my favorite song by Amália Hoje and Amália Rodrigues (respectively):


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