Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Back to the Portuguese job market!

Yes! Now that I decided to stay back in Portugal, I am officially unemployed and looking for a job. It's actually the first time in my 3 years of professional life. I just wish the Portuguese unemployment rate wasn't as high as 10%! I was looking at a specialized portal for employement in the communication and marketing sectors and I was amazed at the amount of non-paid internships looking for unrealistic characteristics: 3 master degrees, 2 Phds, 10 years of experience, 8 languages and enough masochistic feelings for 6 to 12 months of non-paid hard work??? What else? (I am obviously exagerating...but you got the idea!).

Anyways... I found this one job posted by a communication agency in Aveiro (the main city in my region). They are looking for a "brand consultant" and after reading the job description and the requirements, I thought: "Hello! That's me!". Now I have a problem: how can I tell them that not only I AM THE ONE, but also that they will make the worst mistake in their life, if they don't choose me, without sounding too full of myself?

Brands? I may not have a brand management master degree yet but I have seen, experienced and consumed brands in countries such as France, UK, Spain, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Bulgaria, India and Thailand. And I learned to read those brands and understand how and why they would or wouldn't adapt to the different countries. Many people think it's just traveling but it's because I traveled so much, in countries where I could hardly communicate verbally, that I learned to read people's non-verbal behaviour. I learned to link with people to whom I could not speak.

My previous professional experiences taught me professionalism. I learned how to have a plan A, B, C,  D and yet  being flexible. I am at ease working in teams or individually. I am a go-getter. I work harder than hard. I learn fast. I make mistakes but never make the same mistake twice. I am good at what I do. And I can do anything!

Now, any politically correct way of saying this?


  1. Hello Naterce,

    Excellent example of a personal brand development.

    I loved the way that you introduce and present yourself: humor, determination and a little bit of quotidian poetry. All necessary in a good brand maker.

    I have to be true, we are looking for a more experienced person, but I have to admit it, you surprise me, and you deserve to pass to the 2ºphase.

    You´ll hear from me in the next few days.

    Até breve,

    Tiago Castro
    CEO – Look Concepts


  2. Hi Tiago!

    Thanks for your comment! Look forward to hearing from you!



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