Saturday, March 27, 2010

Would TOILET PAPER be the solution?

Last week, I was positvely surprised to read "Os segredos do papel higiénico mais sexy do mundo(in English: "The secrets of the most "sexy" toilet paper in the world"), an interview with Paulo Pereira da Silva, the CEO of Renova. Those names might not sound familiar but what if I tell you he was the person behind the black toilet paper? Yes, Black. I remember the first time I heard about this crazy and amazing idea, I thought it was brilliant but I had the hardest time to believe it came from a Portuguese company.

I was really happy to read this:

"Innovation is like a snowball. An invention may come up during lunch time or coffee break. That's why [at Renova] everything is done for people to have coffee or lunch together, talk while playing on a swing. The culture of innovation is related to the daily life experiences and the desire to grow. Nowadays, in order to be new, an idea must be very sophisticated. Usually, you can find many variations of the same idea. Although tt may have something new, it isn't Einstein's relativity theory."

I find it funny to think that lately, the only TV ads that made me laugh were also of a toilet paper brand, but this time a Spanish brand: Colhogar.


  1. I loved the ads!!! I wish to meet the guy/gal who was behind the idea....Brilliant!

    When I saw the black tissue paper - it was one of those moments when you go - why didn't I think of that?


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