Friday, October 17, 2014

Although it might come across as an excuse, sometimes I feel kind of lonely in Portimão, therefore, I sometimes feel the NEED of something sweet. And how lucky am I to live in a region know for its sweets and desserts made of dried fruits (which I learned to love with my mum).

I had passed by A casa da Isabel so many times before but only last week did I decide to go in this home like pastry shop.

You can't imagine how I enjoy these kind of places. Nowadays the so called "vintage" is fashionable and I could'nt be happier.

A Casa da Isabel is an old house in one of Portimão's oldest streets. When I entered I had the feeling I was walking into somebody's living room back in the 30's. Old radios, flowery china decorating some  shelves, ols recipies on the walls.

I was happy until I had to choose what I wanted to eat... Who could I decide from some many yammi looking "miminhos".

I ended up trying the walnut "queijadinha".  And it was just as good as it looked. Belive me this place is worth a visit. Here is the beautifull website of the shop and the Facebook page. Sorry it's only in Portuguese.

And of course, some pics...


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