Thursday, January 08, 2015

What a sad day for Humanity! Individuals using religion to justify barbarian and sanguinary acts against People! How can someone be this evil?

Unfortunately, those three young men are the tip of the iceberg. What worries me is WHO is behind this? WHO influenced them? WHO thought them how to use those guns? WHO gave them guns? Sooner or later, these young men will have what they deserve. I believe their destiny is traced.

But what about the clever ones who stayed in the shadow? Those rotten minds had planned every inch of this heinous attack. We don’t see them. We don’t know them. Who are they? Those invisible men are training young boys into men willing to kill for a so called faith.
I refuse to believe these repugnant acts represent the Muslim religion. Those attacks are insults and show disesteem. May be those execrable mercenaries are trying to create distance between the world and Islam. Probably their aim is to make the world fear Muslims so that Muslims feel rejected and discriminated. It would ease the recruitment of young influenciable Muslims who they would use as armed puppets.

I was born and raised in France by Portuguese Immigrants and I spent most of my childhood with many children of other Immigrants. Many of them were Muslim. I have traveled, lived and felt home in Muslim countries. Muslims have shared their (sometimes) scare food with me. I deeply believe we might have different Gods but we love our children the same way and we all want the same thing: peace.

My sincere condolences go to all my journalist and artist friends. I wish your art of denunciating and criticizing with words or drawings lasts forever.

My sincere condolences go to policemen and militaries. Thank your services. Although we do not remember it you are risking your lives every day so that we feel safe. God bless your families who live with the fear of you not coming back home at night. 


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